At Creating Clarity we provide consulting and development services for organizations and teams who want to significantly improve their current performance levels and collaboration practices.

We believe that in any organizational setting, regardless of context or industry, the beliefs and assumptions held by the organizational members are as important as the processes and procedures in place in the organization. Considering, and changing, peoples beliefs and assumptions takes a unique skill and method of engaging with the client, requiring significant trust-building. It cannot be mandated, like process reengineering changes can.

Because of increasing complexity in all organizational systems, our preference is to work with the client organization to develop internal competency to understand and shift the beliefs and assumptions held in the organization, along with whatever restructuring or reengineering they are undertaking. By taking a developmental approach, the client has a much higher probability of sustaining their change efforts, as well as minimizing their dependency on external help. This approach, however, requires the client to 'slow down to go fast'; often a perceptual challenge in todays fast-paced, immediate results-driven marketplaces.

'Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, is the sign of insanity.'

We also create retreats for women who need rejuvenation, who need to reconnect with their own innate wisdom and strengths, and remember the breadth and depth of their unique competencies. Women have had a profound impact in organizational settings, and often carry the burden of keeping their homes organized while also working outside the home. Taking a few days off to reconnect with themselves is often a necessary, but seldom practiced, luxury, that pays huge dividends for months and years following.

For information about our approach working with clients, or to discuss a possible engagement, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.